Dave Clarke – Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage

You are an individual and you may be suffering from any of the following: – chronic pain, generally stiff muscles, stress-related issues or in need of relaxation (a break from the busy life you lead rushing around and having no “me” time.)

All of the above can affect your quality of life.

Massage has been around for thousands of years and can be viewed as an integral part of wellbeing.

The treatments Dave offers are focussed on you as an individual, using a variety of advanced massage techniques whether you just need to chill-out or address, for example, constant nagging backache or headaches.


Come and have a chat with Dave about what he does and how he can help you; but better still, come and try it.Dave Clarke Photo

Dave brings a portable massage chair to offer 15-minute taster neck, back & shoulder massages.

And for the special occasions when you can’t think of a present to buy, Dave also has gift vouchers available for purchase.

Dave runs practices based in Marlow and Burnham.


For background information, or to book an appointment, visit Dave’s website: www.libratherapeutics.co.uk

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