The Market

granary  This is Marlow’s indoor market.

It is a market for the whole community to buy and sell produce that is local to us. It is hub for local producers, service providers and customers.

It provides a supportive space for new local producers and service providers to get started, an outlet for established local companies, and it also provides local customers with a good deal.

The market, organised by Transition Town Marlow (TTM),  aims to help Marlow be less dependent on outside supplies by providing a place for individuals        and larger suppliers to sell their produce using minimum food miles. Food especially is always a common area of interest and as 40% of greenhouse gases come  from food distribution and production, it makes sense to have a local food market. The market will also bolster Marlow’s economy as money raised from sales will stay in the community.

We think it’s a very exciting project. We aim to provide a good mixture of stall-holders, from established food producers to individuals selling home-made jams   and cakes. We also welcome artists and craftspeople, car-booters, and encourage people offering services such as bike repair to take a pitch. The idea is that   anyone can set up a stall if they are selling genuine local produce or offering local services.

The market demonstrates Transition in action – setting up a local marketplace is one of the ways in which we can collectively begin to change our lifestyle to one which is less dependent on oil.

In support of Marlow Town Council’s initiative, the market aims to be plastic-bag free.




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